Eesti keeles

Our towels are produced by the innovative and unique Austrian company Zimmer AG developed printing line, according to which the design is printed on the fabric by means of digitally controlled print head. Our innovative technology gives us possibility to offer products with good price and quality, and it makes it possible to produce small quantities at a low price level. The printing cycle is fully automatic. The fabric is drawn on the printing line, led by the computer graphic design digital print head prints the color on the fabric by spraying. Then the fabric is drawn to the dryer, which perpetuates the printed fabric. After that the fabric is drawn to a washing line, where automated repetitive washout and drying by vacuum is preformed. Printed fabrics are transported to taylor, where the fabric is cut loose, edged and finished products are packed. It is not necessary to prepare any printing frames etc. High-quality printing requires vector graphic files (Corel Draw, PDF). Computer automated line prints the design on the fabric instantly.

In general, our clients are advertising and promotional companies who deliver our products to end-users. Cotton OÜ's main markets are Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Baltics - For closer information please contact us +372 5345 8498 or

"Cotton OÜ main activity is sale of advertising textile."

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